Northland Wanderer

from by Lyra



Behold the winter
Deafening ageless silence
Behold the fury
Thy death is drawing near

Enter the long night
Hold fast thy fleeting hope now
Ensure survival
Embrace thy growing fear

Venture across the tundra
Bearing the flame of life
My will my strength unbroken
Son of the north, son of the light

Scanning the vast horizon
A village gleaming bright
Invigorated with the promise that I'll sleep tonight

Time slowed down as I drew near
Promise swiftly turned to fear
Town ablaze and death abound
Bodies strewn on blood-soaked ground

All those who lie before us
Too weak, laden with fright
We'll take your goods, then take your life

Is there not one among you worthy of dying right?
Save face and dignity
Draw steel, stand and fight

Lord, son of the north
Raise up your war banners high
Come, fulfill your oath
Fight for your kin
Fight to survive

The demon hordes surround us
The sky ablaze at night
It’s time, rally and conquer
Summon our Nordic might

Came down with righteous fury
And power forged in hate
The northland wanderer
Spilled demon blood and rewrote fate

Legend states this was the time
Free folk shattered the paradigm
One by one the dark ones fell
Ranks broke fleeing back to hell


Across the plains traverse the hills
Lost in the frigid sea
No fear of death the northland wanderer is free
With sword in hand and torch ablaze
Unleashed a battle cry
The northland wanderer leads all the free folk
Heads held high



from Wanderlust, released July 11, 2017



all rights reserved


Lyra Stamford, Connecticut

Melodic death metal with orchestral elements.

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