Fiction Erased

from by Lyra



Reason and faith feeding blood to the ground
Fortunes and lives to be buried and drowned
Superimposed over the last learned ignorance
Senses engaged across the next false brilliance

Evening shone in a silence fell
As the goddess knelt and the fire repelled
Broken shield in a frozen cage
When our instincts fled and adrenaline raged
Killing of time in a weighing of life
On the balance of souls in Osiris' rites
Fiction erased in a blaze of white

I cannot see the stars that were promised to me
Sick with your pride
Why, shattering the mask of an evening’s disguise
An offering of dawn
An unbidden call

Take thy beak from my heart
Disregard the gray that time can't mend
Lost in our own minds
Naught you know of the songs that move us

Years turn our lies into truths - redacted fables
Invented to subvert the symbols
We thought we created
Disquieting to feel their edges shaping


Cryptic phrase
Artifice lost in analytical haze
Patterns to wind the fraying ends of the rational
Ciphers to bind unchecked zeal of the radical

Fallacy wrought from the memory lost in sleep
Never to break from the trammeling shade of night
Radiance dimmed by a sufferance of deceit
Fiction erased in a blaze of white

[Chorus x2]
A warping of the key
Forever held in thrall


from Wanderlust, released July 11, 2017



all rights reserved


Lyra Stamford, Connecticut

Melodic death metal with orchestral elements.

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