Fate Of The Gods

by Lyra

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released June 15, 2016



all rights reserved


Lyra Stamford, Connecticut

Melodic death metal with orchestral elements.

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Track Name: A Curse Written Scarlet
The gates are open
All the barriers are weak - rotting in moonlight
Whirling dance through ghostly dusk, in revel
Solstice deftly frays the seams between
The real, the elements, and mind

Rippling footprints on the ethereal, trampled in green and gold, redirected
Irradiant imprints, cryptic deceptions - to repel our enemies
Ribbon of doubt lay beneath the outermost layers and spheres of thought
Spun into a maze of deception

Sword's cutting edge, all but invisible, crooning in frequency
One in three to break, one in eight to bend
Permutations flash and streak as lines written across the skies
Sixteen heartbeats to repent or strike

The gatekeepers slain, the keyholders taken
A changing of guard
The generals tamed, the ring-bearers broken
A purging of gods

Time set in crossing wormholes, cleverly wrought
A curse written scarlet to displace the power of the gods

Brilliant rays, weave thy working child of Tar
Through the blackened threads of twilight receding
Silver beam, refracted, splintering in memory
Striking mirrors, throwing sparks - in delicate balance

Paradigms cast in all directions
A thousand eyes from shifting shadows
Flowing skeins of imperfection, sickening ichor
Welling up into churning shallows of gore


[Chorus x2]
Track Name: Servants Of Fate
Heed my visions One-Eyed God
By the Tree and Nine
The forming of your kind
And your ultimate demise

For the life that burst into light
From the void rose heroes and sages
Then the Three arrived in the night
Held in their hands the fate of the ages
Fate of the gods

It began with the war against the Vanir
God against god
To sow the seeds of discord
Flawed against flawed
The Trickster will slay the Innocent
Would you know more?
Now chained he plots destruction
Will you know more?

Trapped in a pit held by his son's intestines
Venom that drips into his eyes
Nidhogg he feeds upon the roots of the Life-Tree
Fenrir awaits the time to strike

The fetters will break
The Beast will run
Brother kills brother kills father kills son

Yggdrasil shakes
Fires of Surtr consume it all burn it all away
What of the Father?
What of the Twelve?

Jotunheim groans
Dwarves gather for war in their halls of stone
What of the Aesir?
What of the Elves?

Eagle of pale beak
Wreaking destruction, ripping out the entrails of the weak
What of the Father?
What of the Twelve?

Hel's sword generates the sun
Crags topple, there's nowhere to run
What of the Aesir?
What of the Elves?


We the Three
Weavers of the thread
Thy desire to transpire as we decree

In the momentary silence
The breath before the stand
The armies gather for judgement
By the Norns' unyielding hands
I tell you this All-Father
As fires scorch the skies
Not a moment's hesitation
The time has come to die

Odin falls to the Wolf
Freyr is slain by the Fire with a single stroke
What of the ages?
What of this place?

Watcher takes the Trickster's head
Torn asunder the Wolf lies bleeding dead
What of our vengeance?
What of our race?

Thunder strikes at the Snake
Both lie still in the deadly venom's wake
What of the ages?
What of this place?

Earth sinks in the sea, sky turns black,
Ragnarok, everything reduced to ash
What of our vengeance?
What of our race?